As premieres near, promos, previews and leaks prompt debate about what things constitute spoilers. Wikipedia notes that the term can include 'any piece of information regarding any part of a given media that a potential consumer would not want to know beforehand.' For all the fuss that surrounds them, spoilers are really just a side effect of 'delight saving time.'

To avoid spoilers is to save attention instead of paying it. No one actually owes attention to anything connected with a show before they've seen it, not even the slightest grin or eye roll from someone who's gone ahead.

As something fresh and new nears, everything frome prime time TV previews to casually tweeted factoids abound. Spoilers mean half the thrill of anticipation is out & loud and the other half is silent, canny excitement.

Photo: Paramount Theatre, Oakland, California  /  PJF 2004