Creative Cohorts

From Australia, across the USA and up and down the UK, here's a quick list of fellow fan filmmakers and podcast pals. Some I've contributed work to, some I've been shoulder to shoulder with and with some I've just exchanged tapes and tips. Don't look so surprised that so many other folks get up to my sort of nonsense, eh?

  • Afterhell
    Terrifying audio drama for mature listeners. From Joe Medina and Jamie Lawson, makers of the Dr Who / Prisoner crossover fan film, The Prisoner and the Time Lord.
  • Bad Wilf
    An audacious podcast from Martyn Vincent, Gerrod Edward and occasionally me, too. Reviews of Doctor Who and loads of other films, TV, comics et cetera.
  • BTR Productions
    Fun-to-watch Dr Who fan films from Beyond The Rim, Melbourne Australia.
  • Cheeky Monkey Pictures
    Adam Manning is The Doctor against Daleks realised with some great props. Recently he's played a villain in the stage show James Bond Spectacular!
  • DAM Productions
    David Nagel and Matthew Chambers, who both have played the good Doctor in fan films.... brilliantly. They also do audios and 3D animations.
  • The Federation
    The fan film beginnings of the Chicago TARDIS crew.
  • Half-A-Dozen Lemmings
    Jonathan Blum as the 7th Doctor, in adventures from Washington D.C. to L.A. California.
  • Home Grown Productions
    Well-written characters in these Los Angeles fan films featuring The Alagiannis Doctor.
  • The Invasion of NCSSM
    An ersatz Doctor at the North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics: The Admiral (pictured) battles a silver army of robotic Argentoids.
  • Timebase Productions
    Rupert Booth's Doctor has a manic appeal not unlike the role as played by the great Tom Baker.