My life with the podcast cult

GallifreyMartyn Vincent (in the spex) had a Doctor Who audiobook going spare for anyone willing to review it for Bad Wilf, the podcast he started with Gerrod Edward (at right). I jumped at the chance.

I'd met Martyn at a tavern filled to bursting with Doctor Who podcasters. Fans love to talk about their favorite subjects and Doctor Who affords scope enough for hundreds of Whovians to hold forth on various aspects of the massive media franchise.

I own a couple of nice Sennheiser studio mics for my film work but they hadn't yet made the crossing to Britain. So I just opened up a voice memo in my little iPod and did my best to mute unwanted ambient noise. So there I was, with a towel over my head. I did three or four reviews this way and Martyn slotted them into shows from episode 22 onwards.

I must not have screwed up too badly as I was introduced as a host of the podcast in an episode covering Torchwood: Miracle Day. Recording has been a great way to get stuck into London life, especially meeting other podcasters and listeners. It's also a buzz meeting and talking to famous creative types; I've dubbed Martyn 'Captain Blagwash' for his tenacious resolve in getting us review comps and press access to an unending series of media shindigs.

I've had great fun finessing the Bad Wilf website as well as the feed: I refurbished the album art that preceded me and did it fresh for episodes afterwards.

Martyn's schedule took a major hit too, as he was set to become a father for the second time. I promptly zapped an instant message to Ash Versus. Ash and I had great times at Gallifrey One conventions and in the #drwhochat IRC channel, long before I emigrated to his country. He brought a stack of fresh energy to the shows he did, which run from episode 62. Ash now has his own podcast, Hammered Horror.

I recorded regularly for a year until I started properly restoring my movies back catalogue; now I drop in whenever we get a good match in schedules and subject matter. But the landscape of hoopy froods that began with Bad Wilf keeps evolving.