Dapol Model Railway

A treat for anyone with an eye for detail. A good deal of Dapol's production facility was taken up with this exhibition. There could never have been enough time for me to feast my eyes on everything they laid out and set into motion. Here's a glimpse.

DapolDapolAlthough I came for Dapol's sci-fi goodies, the main attractions are these scenes through which locomotives roll...... all in miniature, of course.

DapolDapolThe largest, u-shaped showcase.Lime green? Must be from the Thomas the Tank Engine children's program. I didn't get a good look at the face, sorry.

DapolDapolAt right, a common sight along UK railways: a gasometer (collapsible tank for gaseous fuel). 

DapolDapolWait for it...... and we're off!


DapolDapolThe exhibits are kept in period with the vintage of the locomotives.Electric-powered fairground Dodge'em cars.

DapolDapolBritain, circa 1940: The Blitz. The sky glows in time with the sound of atillery fire and fades back into darkness, as does this exhibit.Firelight flickers inside a house struck by German bombs.

DapolDapol... and the railway plays its part, rolling military vehicles to where they're needed most.At the time, Dapol had a line of science fiction toys from Doctor Who!

These images of Dapol Model Railway World are camcorder stills from my visit in 2001. – Pete