Beowulf and the Beeblebrox Company

“Private enterprise is irrepressible.”
Doctor Who and the Leisure Hive by David Fisher

The oldest recorded work of English literature is fan fiction. Stories of the mighty Beowulf were altered and expanded round the feast fires so often that by the time someone wrote them down, the original author or authors were long gone. Nowadays stories are big business but art still inspires art in many of us.

The modern myths that most unite us are invariably produced and distributed worldwide by corporations like the BBC, makers of Doctor Who. The more widely art is spread in franchises however, the more fan effort is exerted in the periphery.

Derivative art can be a fleeting pastime. Amateur artists usually grow to express themselves more fully or they move on to other occupations. Fan works are also of varying quality. The Beeblebrox Company fan films here on 26 are no exception. Like other forms of celebration, the pleasure of this folk art is sometimes best felt by its participants.

The page for folk art on Wikipedia spends a lot of words trying to define the term. Folk or otherwise, art will fulfil its ambitions and meet recipients' expectations to varying degrees.

What is consistent is our pursuit of things that blossom in our imaginations. Why shouldn't such gardens grow beyond walls of our minds?