Back Catalogue

Here at 26 there are references to a number of my shows that are legends of the VHS era but aren't yet online. For those, stay tuned! I'm still digitising old tapes, capturing cassettes, fiddling with floppies and marching old papers and photos through the scanner. Thankfully, most of my tapes are filled with recordings of useless stuff off TV rather than than fan film footage to be rescued:

  • VHS / SVHS: 287
  • Hi-8: 20
  • MiniDV: 14
  • U-matic: 4
  • DVCPRO: 3
  • VHS-C, Beta, DVCAM: 1 each

For the record, I'm also beset by dozens of commercial films I bought on VHS but they'll wait if they aren't replaced or thrown out first.

– Pete